November 22, 2014

Freeblades: Kuzaarik Forgers (dwarves) kickstarter unboxing.

 I just got in a goodie box from a Freeblades kickstarter. Freeblades is a great skirmish fantasy game created by DGS games. You can find their site here. This game is very story driven. When you play a mission or scenario it really feels like you are playing out an RPG. My only complaint is that the rulebook can be a bit complicated and hard to find certain things (the layout just doesnt seem efficient). But it really is a great game that you easily get lost in when playing a mission.

I love dwarves, so when their kickstarter for their Kuzaarik Forgers (dwarves) came out I had to jump on. Yes.......shiny syndrome kicked in. Their newer sculpts are far superior from their first ones. They now have more dynamic poses.

 Ah the female dwarf. Woooo she looks rough!

Here is the Kyromancer (wizard). 

This model is just a little silly to me. Smoking his pipe and all while he will be fighting.

I also got the objective markers addon. They came black but are not primed, just the color of the plastic. odd. 

I also got the campaign map. Not too sure how it works or what the numbers mean as I have never looked at their campaign rules. 

If you like RPGs, skirmish games, and fantasy then I would HIGHLY recommend this game.

November 12, 2014

Arena Rex kickstarter unboxing and review

A long while back, over a year ago, I pledged on the Arena Rex kickstarter. I mainly did so because the models looked to be the most amazing and detailed models I had ever seen. Yes, shiny syndrome kicked in. Well I finally got my box of goodies in and would like to go through them with you. I must say my pictures do not do justice and I would highly recommend going to the Arena Rex website and checking them out there.

These models are amazing! I don't even think I could paint them because I am afraid I would not do them justice! Now this isnt all about models, Arena Rex is a game too. The game is pretty simple at first, with a bit of complexity and strategy with how you lay out your arena (pits, traps, etc) and how damage is taken. But for now, lets just look at the goodies.

Here is everything that came in the mail. The minis themselves, their stat cards, the faction cards, each mini's "art" card, dice and the rulebook. 

The rulebook is an interesting shape and size (small) but it great on the inside! I actually like the size quite a bit. 

Here is a look on the inside that shows their style of artwork (can also see how the damage tree works). 

The dice that came with my pledge. 

The individual model "art" cards. I am, however, missing one (you will see I am missing several items. I have contacted Arena Rex and they are sending them).

The back of the "art" cards also have a bit about the character. 

Each individual model also has a smaller stat card. To the right you will also see the individual faction cards that has the faction's special rules. 

Front of a stat card showing the damage tree. 

Back of the stat card with special rules. 

Here is the back of a faction card.

These are resin fatigue tokens. 

Resin bases for the miniatures. 

Now onto the amazing miniatures. I took fronts and backs of most of them. Just click the pictures to see them large and in far more detail. 

This model (Aquila) is missing his stat card. 

Also missing stat card on this model. 

Now look at this side of the model's fact compared to the other side. I believe something went wrong in the mold. It is too smooth and missing much detail. 

I absolutely love the look of this one. 

I am missing the entire head of this model, and it appears I have an extra shield???

I was weary of them being in resin, however, the clean up is a breeze!!!! I dont even have to really use a knife or any tool, the flash just comes right off to the touch. This is the best resin I have delt with.

If you look into the game you will see this is a fantasy/mythological type gladiator warfare with beasts and characters of lore. I am really looking forward to getting to know more about this game and how it plays.